Our Story

A mother and daughter team, with backgrounds in jewelry design, have been creating one of a kind pieces for gifts for friends and relatives throughout the years. As the word spread, so did the requests and so did our collection of Earth’s treasures and unique gemstones.

Knowing that the stones are from around the world and each rooted with symbolic meaning, our mission to provide beautiful inspirational jewelry grew for all who shared our love of nature’s gifts.

With a love for nature and each unique stone, combined with our passion for fashion, Aspen & Salt was born.  We are inspired by the mountains, the sea & Earth’s natural treasures.  The name Aspen & Salt holds a lot of meaning to us.  My daughter has always been drawn to the mountains, which bring her inner peace, family connections and loving memories.  I have always loved the ocean and the inspiration it brings, along with many cherished memories, and the spiritual energy I feel when near the sea.

We know that each treasured moment with your family or loved ones are the times that mean the most and memories we want to hold onto.  Many of our styles are combined with charms to remind you of a special place or a wonderful memory that will bring inspiration to your own unique journey as you follow your passions and dreams.

Whether near the mountains or the sea or anywhere in between, we hope that the jewelry Aspen & Salt offers will bring positive energy, and that the charm or bead, enriched with meaning and symbolism, will connect you to that special place or memory bringing lots of inspiration and harmony.

Thank you so much for visiting Aspen & Salt.

Susan & Brooke

*lovingly made in Rhode Island, USA*